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Course Report

With once again double the rainfall from previous year it’s been a constant battle!

7th and 11th have been moved forward off of mats that will limit the damage to those holes, we will get them back into full use once weather allows.

Our new tractor mounted blower has not been in use as much as I would like due to the wet weather. We have been having to hand blow areas a lot more, meaning many extra man hours with less done. However nearly all the leaves are down now so we will be working hard to clear the remaining.

When possible, we have been aerating fairways semi rough walkways to aid drainage and promote root growth. This does not have an instant impact but the more we keep doing it over the next few seasons we should start to see the benefits of firmer drier fairways.  

8th walkway to the 9th – please try to walk through the woodland pathway. We need this area to be kept as clean as possible since the back end is used as a roadway for the greenkeepers, but with the heavy rainfall floods and churn up it makes it unsuitable to use as a path. We don’t believe spending time keeping it nice is good time spent as there is the other path option that’s easier to keep!

Our new bunker pump has been put to great use over the last few weeks keeping bunker flooding to a much lower level, as you can imagine it’s impossible to have them completely water free all of the time through these wet periods.

Par 3 mats are now in play, this will prevent the tees being ripped apart through this time of year where there is no natural recovery.

The 5th hut is nearly completed just a bin, ball washer and trimming to be added 

New putting green cups and flags added

I’m really please how the greens are holding up for the time of year and with all the rain. We are for now keeping the disease at bay even though disease pressure is very high at present due to the wet mild weather.

Please read the course closure report with regards to why and how we make our decision.

December projects :

  • Ball washer will start to be taken in sand blasted then re painted 
  • Trimming tree branches in plantations and cutting back hedges where needed
  • Machinery maintenance starts this will continue for a few months as full service and repairs happen to all machines

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