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We hope you all had a lovely summer and enjoyed the beautiful weather we were lucky enough to have.  Seems like an age away doesn’t it?

It was lovely to see the terrace so full and being used to its full potential. The views overlooking the golf course are fabulous and we feel so lucky to be able to enjoy it on a daily basis.

We have some great events coming up soon which include Quiz nights, Bingo, Elvis, Halloween, Firework Night and lots more, so watch for the details around the resort and go online to book for your tickets.

We want to thank all the golfers for supporting the starters hut over the summer, It was a great hit with you all and Dee had such a great time with you that she asked me to pass on huge THANKS to you all for being really lovely and friendly.

I hope all the members have enjoyed the delicious cakes that Lydie, our pastry chef has been making.  Her fruitcake is just amazing, and she will continue to tempt us with her fabulous baking.

Our new chef Jack has made a big impression on us all with his bubbly personality and great food. We are so glad he is here to make a difference.

Finally, on a personal note, I just want to say THANK YOU to the F&B team who continue to look after you every day to ensure you have a great experience whilst you are here.

Sue Forty
Food & Beverage Manager

[email protected]

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