Scenes from the Greens

A greenkeeping blog from Witney Lakes Resort

Stay up to date with everything happening in and around the course during the 2022 golf season with our greenkeeper’s blog! We’ll be sharing news of upcoming projects, new team members and member notices to enhance your golf game.

May 2022

With a good month of weather behind us we made the decision to take off winter rules from the beginning of April.

Greens are starting to dry up a little which I’m sure you have noticed, as they won’t be holding as much as they were in the winter months. The reason we hold off irrigating a little is that we wait for ground temperatures to increase so that the cold water doesn’t cool them off. It’s also so that the roots have a chance to recover and grow down into the surface as far as possible, as too much water will allow the roots to stay shallow resulting in an unhealthy green, which is not what we what.

New flags, pins and cups have been put out on the course, so it would be great to get your feedback on them. Maintenance on greens went well, and though now fully recovered we haven't yet seeded them due to several frosty mornings last month - so now with temperatures starting to increase this will be completed.

Our new equipment is all in full action out on the course which is really helping get the course into shape. Our new apprentice Isaac has now started and is doing a great job so far - I’m sure he will be a great addition to the team in the coming months.


In terms of bunkers, now that the sand is drying out this will mean more stones will work to the top and become more visable, also allowing the sand to move/blow to different parts of bunkers with no real structure to the sand as there is no moisture in them. We are and will continue to de-stone and replace sand to the right areas of bunkers. Please do bear with us as this is an ongoing project. We also are identifying the bunkers that need topping up with sand and replacing when possible.

Member Notices

Our main aim for the month a head is to stay on top on the course conditions. May I remind all members to please help the greenkeeping team by doing the following:

  • Keeping trollies away from tees and greens as to prevent any excessive wear
  • Repair pitch marks and replace divots
  • Rake bunkers, leave them as you would expect to find them

Thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to seeing you out on the course soon.

Martin and the greenkeepers