Gym Update


Our Wellness Team is here to support you with your fitness journey, so this is the perfect time to book yourself for a Gym program review.  Training works in cycles and you should be periodizing and changing with you do on a regular basis, otherwise, you hit a plateau and it’s much harder to achieve any goal.

We had a great day of Free Personal Training sessions on Monday 2nd September. Our PT’s Kieran Reynolds, Kieran Watts and James Godbolt were on their best form putting people through their paces.  The first week of October we have scheduled some small 1-2-1 sessions with the team so why don’t you take advantage of it and come in for a quick session?

The team were busy in August and September with some training. We had Kieran Watts and Kieran Reynolds attending an Olympic Lift course, and Kieran Reynolds also attending a Heart Rate Training course. The team just keeps getting better and better!

In October a lot of people do the Stoptober campaign, where you give up something bad for you, like smoking, drinking, etc. I say we need to focus on positive things so why not try a Start-tober, where you start something that is great for you! Start exercising regularly, start eating better, start making time for family, etc. It all about positivity so let’s try this!

Please put your weights away when finished with them

Please wipe you kit down when finished

Smile, say hello, say goodbye, see you soon, etc! 😉

Have a great month!

Luiz Silva
Wellness Manager
[email protected]